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Tucson Custom Home Design Portfolio

Most people spend over 50% of their lives in and about their homes. Yet, the vast majority never really consider how the design of their living spaces affects the quality of their life. They accept the building industry’s unimaginative status quo and the realtor’s generic program. Their precious lives are often spent in homes that are functionally inefficient and spatially deprived, and they never know the difference.

Why choose to live in a big, cold box of disorder? Ordering a mass-produced “Plan Book Plan” or selecting the “Builder’s Model A Tract House” may save a few dollars up front, but it will never be a satisfactory reflection of your values as a unique individual, nor will it address your property as a unique building site.

“Custom Home Builder” often masks a standardized, cookie-cutter approach of rebuilding essentially the same house repeatedly. Clients line up to order their “custom home,” where the only “customizing” involves selecting a few finishes from a limited menu. Why be penny-wise and pound-foolish, when you can invest in a truly custom design which is born out of the essence of your personality, carefully evolved and finely tailored to the nuances of your lifestyle. Nourish your family and give them a sanctuary to experience daily. It will be the best investment you ever make.

Your home is the backdrop for human experience, family interaction, and the drama of life. The spaces within your home should inspire you, making you feel balanced. It should provide endless opportunities to enjoy the light, the alignment of familiar views, and the warm feeling of honest architectural order.