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Firm Profile

Since 1992, Sonoran Design Group has been designing custom residential homes in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding area. Our approach is built around honesty, not only in client relations, but equally important, in design. In this process each individual of our team contributes their unique talents and perspectives. The spaces we create clearly reveal their underlying order and connectedness through their structure. This approach gives our work an ageless quality.

Our designs seek to meld the old and the new; forms from the familiar past are crafted together with inspired ideas of the future. If a past historic style is requested, we do not simply copy others’ interpretations, but instead we research, capturing its essence and historic accuracy. The homes we create are designed to grow naturally out of their settings, seeming to have always coexisted with their place.

We generally adhere to the maxim “less is more” and will always choose quality over quantity. A Sonoran Design Group designed home will always have an honest face. This exterior silently explains what to expect inside, and gives the inhabitants a comfortable security upon entering.

Ultimately, our clients are our inspiration. As unique people, their individual needs and personalities give us the real substance we need to create meaningful architecture. It is the process of listening and responding to our clients, that brings far more to the finished whole than the sum of its parts. The wide variety of style exhibited in our work, illustrates our dedication to working in harmony with our clients.